Tuesday, March 31, 2009

e-Business Strategy : Task

For an organization you're familiar with, examine the alternative business and revenue models afforded by the Internet & assess the options for the type & location of e-commerce transition.

In my opinion, individual Retailer businesses like clothing can be done using Internet technology. in Traditional Clothing, we have to designing the clothes using questionare or something, and then we have to have the place or distribution to stock our clothes and then we hope customer to come and buy it.

Using the Internet, in this case can be done either using web or forum like kaskus, we can design our clothes and then make up our own thread, then start to promote our clothes. If the demand meet the quotas, then we can confirm that the clothes are going to be produced. The production itself can be done by ourself or outsourcing it, in this case we act as intermediary.

well that is my idea ^_^