Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cert-Monkey Guy part-2

This week I just passed the CCNP-Security, Alhamdulillah. Hmm, interesting story about this Certification.

I study the Security track, since in my current employment, one of the biggest customer currently 'Cisco-Minded' thing, so they deploy Cisco on all their LAN component. That is why I play around with the security.

I play around with the Cisco Security Technology, which involving Router, ASA, ACS, IPS, and VPN Technology to fill my gap in the Security.

Suddenly my Company want me to take the CCNP-Security Certification for Project purposes. Given this opportunity, I just suddenly said "Yes", then I started to take CCNA-security from that time.

On the Associate and Professional Level of the Security ini Cisco, Currently they used GUI instead of CLI, so I have to ported most of my stuff, which is using CLI to the GUI. Sure enough GUI is much more simpler compare to the GUI one, especially in the VPN stuff \(^0^)/, but for the troubleshooting purposes, I think CLI is much more powerfull ;)

When you got the opportunity, I think it is better to say 'yes' first instead of analyzing the 'another additional work' ;)