Sunday, June 26, 2011

The World of OER/PfR

Hi All,

Currently, I'm working my preparation for the upcoming event in my Company next Thursday (June 30, 2011). I tell you guys, I'm gonna presentate the uncommon technology called Optimized Edge Routing (OER) or Cisco use the term Performance Routing (PfR) nowadays :)

in my opinion, this technology is very Cool indeed. Here's the Idea, Imagine that your network environment have two exit points toward the ISP, the most probably reason is having a redundant/backup connectivity.

Let say you connecting to ISP-A with commited bandwidth 128Kbps, and connecting to ISP-B with commited bandwidth 512Kbps. Your company running OSPF in it and redistributing these two default-route into your network using Metric-type 1 (O E1). So, in your routing Information which exit point the Internal Router will choose?

in the traditional routing environment, the connection to the ISP-B is chosen (except for the RIP implementation here :P). Let make this case much mode interesting, what if The Link to the ISP-A have low bandwidth and low delay, and the link to the ISP-B have high bandwidth and also high delay.

You're planning to deploy IP Telephony for one or two user, and your traffic gonna pass through the link up to the ISP-B. Guess what, your voice traffic will experiencing the high delay.

OER is one of the solution. Essentially with OER, the router now will choose the exit points based on the Performance, the performance itself can be based on delay, throughput, or even the custom application(s), Cool right!!!

I can wait to demonstrate this kind of technology to you guys, so I hope you guys will come to this event. The event itself will be held in Inixindo ( Jakarta on June 30, 2011, so you guys can just come in, oh yeah it is for free, so don't worry. There is gotta be some little marketing campaign :(, but I guess it is a fair game there.

I'm gonna upload the presentation after the event finished :)

see you guys there \^0^/

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alhamdulillah, Just Passed CCIE RS Exam

Alhamdulillah, after so many failed attempts, on June 16 2011 I had just become CCIE#29281.

The journey start from March 2009, After I completed My CCNP, I want to take the CCIE Exam, but I know exactly, the exam will be tougher than any other CCXP because it will take 8 hours lab. I was starting the study by watching CBT Nuggets, that was good for bridging us from fresh CCNP, then start the Vol1 INE.
I've spent about an hour a day to do those Vol1 Lab, because at that point I was taking my post-graduate study (Work at Morning, Lecturer at night >.<), I couldn't maximized my study. After I graduated, I have more time spare for study CCIE. It takes me around 1,5 years labbing up the Vol1.

In January 2011, I asked the COmpany, where I worked, to give me sponsorship, and Alhamdulillah, they granted my wish. Then I scheduled the Lab for June 16 2011 at Hongkong. After that approval, I started Vol2, now this was the First time Ever, I feel how the CCIE exam looked like, eventhough I did it in my home or in the Office.
as you may Know, Lab by Lab, I always FAILED, because
1 - I couldn't manage my time
2 - The Multiprotocol Scenario was completely messed-up, when you're not verified it bit-by-bit So, simply I failed lots and lots of Lab.

Then 1,5 Month before taking the Real Exam, I asked to my Company to have full day Studying + setting up my Own Rack (9 ISR Routers + 4 3560) to be exclusively me to used. This was great, again, they granted my wishes. So I've spend night and day, either in the Office or at my home to Labbing up! I could study for 14 Hours straight at that moment, but I like it :)

I took my first mock Lab Exam (Mock Lab1), in week 2 of my intensive preparation, and I passed with the score 84, cool that increasing my confidence level!
the next 2 week, I took another Mock Lab Exam (Mock Lab3), got 84, great!!! the last one I took the Mock Lab2, but unfortunatelly, I was sleeping overnight, because My friends were comming home and stayed. I failed the Exam and Got 78! I learned that in order to take the Exam you must have a good rest the night before.
Ok, the lab day was Comming, I flew to Hongkong 2 days before the Exam. I didn't touch any routers nor switches to begin with.

And Finally, I took the Exam. The TS section was really challenging, you must timming yourself, I got tough question in the early Incidents. But, I realized if in 5 minutes, I even didn't get a clue, go to the next question, not forget to document ALL your thought in the provided paper, wheather you solve the Incident or not, because you could use it later on (yeah it probabily take you around 30 seconds to do so, Need a practice).
The Config Section, mostly, are staight forward. In the middle of Lab exam I feel great. I finished 2 hours earlier, so i could re-re-re-re-verified my works, And at that Time I found some of my task wasn't fulfill the requirement >.<, then my heart start beating. After I finished the Exam, I feel down, mostly because I'm afraid I missed so many task due to my careless.
Finally, After two hours waiting, the Confirmation was come to my mail, and I opened it up with my heart pounding on it.......
and, Alhamdulillah God helped me to achive this Certification.

I hope this has been Informative, and I'd like to thank you for reading :)