Monday, May 19, 2014

New Hire @Cisco System

Hi and halo, it is me again here :p

Well, it has been two month my employment with Cisco, and I sometime I can't believe that I am a part of the Cisco Family, Thank you good, I've really been appreciate it.

The thing that I can say working in Cisco is, a lot of works to do, really, in my current role, which is a Commercial System Engineer, I have to face different types of customer & technology, R/S is the fundamental skill set that you should have in Cisco, obviously, some of the customer are Small to Medium Service Provider, and you know what, they are not talking MPLS feature, but what I was encounter were the access Technology, things like HFC, FTTH, DWDM, Etc.....

well I can say it was initially quite frustrating , but the deeper you've studied this kind of thing the more interesting they are ;). Another great thing Working at Cisco is that when you are stuck with a specific Technology, then what you need to do is find out a person, locally or globally within your region, that mastering the technology, aka Consulting System Engineer (CSE), and asked for help. They will gladly help us out ;)

Thanks god, I like this kind of Giggy Internetworking stuff, so that I enjoyed (after understanding the technology) learning a new thing :)