Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Attending the Seminar

Hi everybody, its been a while since I haven't wrote anything in the last couple months.

well today i attended the seminar that was held in Plaza Bapindo, Indonesia. I was lucky enough to see Mr. Himawan Nugroho (Technical Advisor in Cisco System, Triple CCIE) Presented the seminar called "Competing in the Global Market" live.

 It really boost my motivation to working aboard someday ;). Mr. Himawan Shared about his invaluable experience about his projects in Cisco System. The most important lesson that I got when attending that Seminar is that we have to be able to adapt with something that is not according to the plan. well, me myself is kinda person that 'strict' to the policy (most of them are created by myself). I will get mad or angry if I get into the situation where I am not in the position where it should be according to the plan.

Mr. Himawan said that the value of the great Leader will show if he/she get into the situation like i describe above. How can he/she handle or react to the unexpected situation is really important.

Well, it means that there are a lot of case that we are going to face the non-technical problem much more difficult compare to the technical one.

 talking about technical stuff, I was reviewing my Security study, I can't believed that I had already done with Exercising for Vol1 exercise for Security technology, which mean I have to do the 'revise' my own configuration and notes about 'those stuff' before move on into the Vol2, and that quite make my brain freeze..... (I'm now reviewing the L2L VPN, next gotta be ezVPN Stuff)

Last word from me, as a Junior and green in the real-Networking field, is :

Thank you Mr. Himawan for the event, I really appreciate it ;)