Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is the Advantage and disadvantage of .... ?!?

Well, we meet again. In Today's blog, we're gonna talking about e-CRM. There are 3 jargons that we're have to familiar with; Personalization, community building, and direct email.

1. Personalization
According to :

Personalization is the process of deciding - given a large set of possible choices - what has the highest value to an individual. This adds both utility and warmth to a web application, as users find what they seek faster and feel “recognized” by a site.

What are the Advantages?
Personalization contributes to a variety of e-business goals:
increasing site usability, replicating offline experience, converting browsers to buyers, retaining current customers, re-engaging customers, and penetrating new markets.

what are the Disadvantages?
Privacy issues
In any personalization scenario, privacy must be balanced against increased user benefit. Tracking users’ buying habits, of course, requires collecting some fairly sensitive information. As a counter to these privacy issues, though,
personalization provides benefits, in terms of increased usability and less unwanted content.

LikeMinds provides personalization without imposing on user privacy. It requires no data other than a user ID and password in order to work. Users can effectively be
anonymous and still benefit from personalization.

2. Community Building
According to :

Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighbourhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed under the field of community development.

The Advantages:
- You can brand yourself well
- Freedom of Speech and ability to say what you want without worrying about what others say! (Delete button on comments = god)
- share your point of views with
- it's easy to think of what to write

The Disadvantages:
- If you keep it too personal then everyone can read your thoughts!
- if you are not good at expression, it will cause a lot misunderstands
- it gets too boring too quickly

3. Direct E-Mail

Direct mail services and direct mail marketing allows companies and other establishments to interact with residents of a certain community in order to call the residents to action in some specific way. For example, direct mail marketing deals with seducing consumers into purchasing specific products in a catalogue that is sent to an individual’s home.

The Advantages:
- The companies are able to improve their standing with customers by utilizing a pre-existing consumer base,
- Individuals are able to get a personalized offer.

The Disadvantages:
- the fact is that direct mail marketing does cost a fair amount
- Some companies cannot initially afford this type of marketing project, and in the end these people and companies may not be able to meet their own needs when it comes to selling items or making quota in order to break even.

well I hope we all get the new knowledge especially in the e-CRM ^0^

Friday, May 8, 2009

E-Marketing Topic

I'm gonna write about how Playstation marketing their game platform to the world, starting from the old model using adds until nowaday which is using Online Playstation Network.

Who don't know the Playstation? the Console machine where people can play game. In the past, Playstation using ads both in the game magz or in the TV Commercial. Customer can only buy the game by visiting the retailer shop such as wal-mart.

but that has been changed now, with the capability if Playstation 3 to connect to the Internet, Playstation Marketing has been shifted using E-Marketing as its alternative channels.

Using E-Marketing Sony Playstation can also sell the game directly from the playstation network, that would be cut the intermediary cost, so the customer can buy the game right from their home without have to go outside.