Saturday, October 1, 2011

A week after surgery

Hello all

well, it's been a while since my last post in July.
I've just done my surgery on my nose...., how's that...?!?!?

well, when i was a child (with funny face, i guess, hehe), I had an accident, that cause my bone inside my nose was 'bend'. from that moment, I had a problem with my nose :(

I've been experiencing this 'illness', which is I completely cannot breath to my local doctor. He just gave me some medicine when the problem occurs. And I've been like this 13 years :(

finally I've decided to know, what is the root cause of this disease, and I know that my 'gland' is bigger than normal, so that is why i cannot breath easily.

on September 24, 2011 I had a surgery....

Now it is time for me to do the recovery, and hopefully after this surgery I will be able to breath normally and I can do hard work without side effect from my nose (usually i will get knock down and I cannot breath >.<)

well, let's go to the technology side of view. starting from this week, I will explore about VPN's Technology. I remember that I've spent the whole day just to test out Certificate based approach on ISAKMP, and that was a good experience.

I'm telling you guys, the Security Technology provide such a great entertainment ^_^

the more I study, the more I realized that I know nothing \(^0^)/, and that is great because it motivates me to study more...and more......

i hope that has been informative :)