Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cert Monkey ......

It's been a while, it seems that I rarely writing in this blog lately
Last week, my peers telling me that I should take the Juniper exam to extended our Partnership with Juniper (My current company have partnership with Juniper). Well at first I really reluctant to say 'YES', but..., because this one was an assignment from the Company, I took it.

the first information was, off course, www.juniper.net and find out the information about the certification. After digging deeper, I found out that Juniper is giving a discount voucher for JNCIA and JNCIS exam...., Cool. Eh, before we move on, I just wanna tell you guys (I reckon most of you knowing this already, hihihi) that Juniper has 4 Level of certification


and currently there are 3 tracks to be tackled (ENT/RS, SP, and Security). I studied the fundamental one, which is JNCIA-Junos. Fortunate Enough I have the opportunity to find the resources that provide the Junos Emulator, where I studied with several logical router.

after spending time and get use to it, i'm quite comfortable with the way it runs and feels. It seems that Junos is much more modular compare with the IOS (That is why Cisco developing IOS-XR and other IOS version) because it moch more modular.

in my opinion, in Junos you will have to configure based on policy in almost every single feature. And this global policy will then be applied to specific configuration, such as routing protocol or interface.

most of the networking concept are the same between Juniper and Cisco, but I have to admit, some or most I should say, the behavior is realllllly difference, for example in Routing protocol advertisement.

In Cisco we'll just run it in global config, and puff...., the router will start to talking each other. But, in Junos is not that way, RIP routing for example, has a default export policies which is not going to export anything unless we specified to do so....

sort story I took the exam, and alhamdulillah got my JNCIA-Junos. It seems that I will study more for Juniper because I have to take the JNCIS-ENT also. Luckily my current company have 2 EX Juniper switch so i can study the switching part.

when I think of it...., It seems that I am a Cert Monkey#!&#

I don't know, I just love it when I earn something good, in this case the Certification.

good luck for you folks that is persuing Professional Cert.


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